Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girls Aloud Lashes: Nicola Roberts

Our hair matches too haha.....I loved these lashes it was a risk as I couldn't find Nadine Coyle lashes so i opted for these bad boys and i loved em'....they've pretty much the same Pro's and Con's as my other reviews except these are more extravagant and people knew I wore lashes so there not as natural but there lovely and theres a flick of lashes at the end which is a lovely femanine touch :D there also fuller and i found that i didn't get as much use out of them as i had done with Nadine Coyle's for some reason :-/...........recommended though :D i loved them

Enjoy x

Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 10 Pan/numero uno

I've been so scared lately of taking the plunge and trying to do project 10 pan but after having a spring clean i've already thrown out alot and am still left with items i've barely used but i've been happy about....so this is how it works.......i've to use up 10 items completely or until they hit a full pan (the base of a shadow,blush etc) and I can't purchase any item of makeup until I use up all 10 items.....these items can range from primers to shadows....whatever you like ....I need to give myself one exception.......I can't find my clairins foundation for the project and i've other foundations but some don't agree with my skin so my exception is that once I finish the foundation I am including in my project I am aloud to purchase Giorgio Armani foundation....yes the one i've been ranting about unless I find the clairins :D done deal haha other wise the deal is off ha......K so my producs for the projects are......

1.Diorshow Blackout waterfproof mascara
2.Maybelline oure mineral foundation
3.Urban Decay Complextion Primer potion
4.Urban Decay concealer
5.Benefit Playstick foundation
6.Victoria Jackson Bronzer
7.Victoria Jackson Blusher
8.Victoria Jackson triple shadows
9.Victoria Jackson Lip gloss light
10.Victoria Jackson lip gloss dark

i'll post updates to tell you guys how i'm getting on and if i've finally found my clairins :D

enjoy x

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I want it I want it

Kirstin Stewart is always getting labelled as some greasy teen....especially her hair, its always being dissed and i'm sick and tired of it.....I want her hair so bad cant wait for mine to grow to have it long like hers and want a colour like hers too....her locks always seem to compliment her skin tone and brighten up her eyes....its also so thick and she can defo work the bed head look.....god do i love that look :D haha :D so thats my new plan of action.....how to:get kirtin stewarts lovely tresses....stay tuned to find out ;) enjoy x

p.s. I hope you realise i'm talking about her hair pre mullet hahah ;)

March Favourites

Primer: Im loving 'Metaliglow' its fab, its an eye primer which keeps your eyeshadows on thorough out the day. it comes in 2 different bottles and 2 shades, I use the lighter of the 2 and i cant get enough of it. If i run low on high beam 2 its a great face shimmer. it also lasts for ages I recon ill defo will have some left this time next year :D i'm so excited about this product and strongly recommend it :)

Foundation: I went into Brown Thomas on the prowl for a new foundation, all of my friends use Giorgio Armani so I went to their counter. the sales assistant was sooooooo nice I told her I didn't want to break the bank so she gave me a tester and chose which foundation would suit me through my description of my skin........Ladies i'm loving it it stays on all day without having a caked look so great coverage, its weightless so not heavy at all on the skin and it doesn't give me breakouts whoooooop :D although its E45 I'm defo gonna go back and get it, the tester was brill too it lasted me 8days so I got a good oul try of the product :D theres 13 shades im shade 4....another highly recommended buy from me :)

Eyes: I bought a mac eyeliner at the start of the month called "teddy" I love it so much, I put it below my lash line and smudge it to give a brown smokey look....love it so much :D try it out :)