Sunday, May 30, 2010

My hair through the years...

I wanted to have a section dedicated to the adventures of my hair. Some styles were for fun, some for competitions so don't judge :D tell me which one you like the most and which one suits me the most :D thanks guys I'll keep on updating...

Down Dress with no Stress

I find myself many times as i'm sure alot of you do too looking into my wardrobe thinking....."yep i've NOTHING to wear" i've said it too don't you worry. Instead of rushing out to your nearest shopping centre and buying a dress you know will end up only being worn once or twice i've found out how to play with clothes and create new looks. Last night I was in one of those situations. I knew I wasn't going to be in the mood to go out without the perfect outfit. It was casual drinks with the girls so opposed to grabbing skinny jeans and heels or a cashual dress I just thought was okay I thought about trying on one of my more flashy dresses. I found this purple one which you can't see in the picture but its pretty short and the fabric is quite light too so I decided to down dress it.....simple :D I added a black and grey cardigan to make the dress pop and to not show as much skin, a black waist belt with little sequence and layered necklace. I left out any huge earrings and clumpy rings for a more casual look and wore simple but high black heels.....oh and my Pandora of course can't be forgetting that. The whole look just worked so well and it took me two minutes to put together I felt so comfortable the whole night and didn't look to over dressed.......Success :D

Give it a go yourself I'd advise this type of look for girly night, family get togethers, definetly date nights, maybe using brighter colours and simple jewellery....maybe with a floral dress mmmm....IDEAS :D eeps

Friday, May 28, 2010

Prada Pop

Yes im wearing my DIY jeans again and i'm loving them.....I teamed this look up with black leggins, my black blazer, my skull scarf, cons, Audrey Hepburn tshirt and ofcourse my red Prada :D

Tiffany's and a little bit of PB :)

Paula Boutique: Molly:Camo
I am dying to get this bag....yes i'm a fan of the over sized but I think the hand held's just compliment the design better :D its approx. E65 bargain in my eyes can't wait to buy it eeps :)

Tiffany notes ring:

This is approx. E210 it used to be E175 so it has definetly incresed over the past's affordable but not at the moment which is why its on my wish list :D I love this ring so much and when I get it i'll never take it off i'm so excited :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh my lord...

My parents just came back from Turkey 2 days ago and my Mam casually strolled in with this gorgeous Prada my god I'm in love :D love love love eeps how cute is this little number huh :)

Change those winter trousers to summer loungers

This was such a last minute thing I created this morning I jumped up out of bed and scanned the clear blue Irish sky and darted for the sun creme and shades but I remembered I actually don't own a pair of summer shorts sooooooo :) no better way to sort this problem out than to make a pair......I used an old pair of jeans any will do, I never wore these so they were perfect :D I folded the jeans in half from one leg to the other to make sure both leg lengths were even once I started to cut. I cut the leg about 2 inches below the start of the zipper so I could trim and examine the shorts once I put them on. I once I found the right length I then flipped both sides up for the good oul Daisy Duke look and to make sure they didn't look freshly cut and voila :D easy peasy :D
My final suggestion is to never try this with skinny jeans as ul sweat something terrible out in the sun :D I topped of my look with a simple necklace, shades and a white tank top :)

p.s. yes i know i'm pale i'm pale.....but I work it right.....RIGHT?????? hahaha
enjoy x

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My lovely sweetheart cat Fluffy would like to be introduced to the world of blogging today....tada :D heres afew pics of her.......ill say HER alot but she's a boy....she was a stray kitty and came to the family when she was only one.....we all thought HE was a girl(nutered)....pregnant and around 10 years old.....turns out was a he just fat with random gray hairs.....who its a force of habit if i type she hahaha love her soooooo much in her little tuxedo fur :D


Ahhhh summer....Loving the sun here in Ireland lately even if i've been working indoors for most of it tis still lovely to know finally Ireland of all places is getting some rays....eeps bring on the summer :)

My Heart

My Heart:Wanted to show off the latest addition to my tattoos.....this is how it happened....I got stinkingly drunk on paddy's day in the heart of Dublin as ya do and kept on saying I wanted a heart tattoo behind my ear thankfully my friends said i was to drunk and made sure I didn't leave to get one however I was being totally serious and the next day (hungover ridden) I said ah here lets just go for I looooooooove it :D so secretive and cute :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goooooood moooooooooornig :D

yes yes yes i know i know i know.....morning rant huh.......

no make up :O
I have not done this in years....i'm wearing no makeup today....none at all i'm so proud of myself its all apart of my plan :D

College oh college
i'm a ball of stress.....that is all ;)

I hate when your body simply won't wake up its silly wake up woman shake a leg!!!!!

C'est la vie

enjo ur morning :D x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

omg what have i done???

serious problem guys my skins gone bust totally bust i mean.....ive broken out like never before :(

oh and i gave in to Armani luminous silk foundation.....maybe thats the reason.....that would make sence.......the spots stop at my jaw line which is where i stop my foundation.....hmmmmm.......okay so i've been doing really well so far with project 10 pan......benefit and dior mascara finito :D however now i'm in a dilema........i've about 30 spots on my face.....hmmmmm think........okay it could be in relation to the following......... oil, Clinique (those bastards) exfoliator
makeup.......Armani, victoria jackson perfect
stress.........thats defo an issue my hand ins are all this week (hence the lack of blogs sowee)

kkkkk so i don't know if i just wanna asume its the Armani but i've an inclink it is......

Conclusion: Project 10 pan is off......OFF....just until I get my skin back into shape.......this is sooooo annoying and Armani foundation doesn't stay on my skin......I do however have a plan :D mwahahahahahahahaha :) wait til' you see what I have in store ;)

enjoy x