Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 10 Pan/numero uno

I've been so scared lately of taking the plunge and trying to do project 10 pan but after having a spring clean i've already thrown out alot and am still left with items i've barely used but i've been happy this is how it works.......i've to use up 10 items completely or until they hit a full pan (the base of a shadow,blush etc) and I can't purchase any item of makeup until I use up all 10 items.....these items can range from primers to shadows....whatever you like ....I need to give myself one exception.......I can't find my clairins foundation for the project and i've other foundations but some don't agree with my skin so my exception is that once I finish the foundation I am including in my project I am aloud to purchase Giorgio Armani foundation....yes the one i've been ranting about unless I find the clairins :D done deal haha other wise the deal is off ha......K so my producs for the projects are......

1.Diorshow Blackout waterfproof mascara
2.Maybelline oure mineral foundation
3.Urban Decay Complextion Primer potion
4.Urban Decay concealer
5.Benefit Playstick foundation
6.Victoria Jackson Bronzer
7.Victoria Jackson Blusher
8.Victoria Jackson triple shadows
9.Victoria Jackson Lip gloss light
10.Victoria Jackson lip gloss dark

i'll post updates to tell you guys how i'm getting on and if i've finally found my clairins :D

enjoy x


  1. I like your new banner. =] Good luck on project 10 pan.

  2. awwww thanks so much :D u shud try it if ur tryin 2 get through some of ur stuff :) x