Tuesday, March 23, 2010

False Lashes....no...there real and I grow them myself!!!

I wanted to do a post about which mascaras I use but I thought I'd start by saying I only use waterproof as any non-waterproof mascara i've tried has always melted off my lashes by the end of the day....

If your not interested in waterproof look at my makeup removal routine to find out how I remove it at the end of the day :D

My 2 all time favourite mascaras in which I swear by are 'Diorshow Blackout waterproof' and 'Benefit Bad Gal waterproof" I don't think I can say which one I prefer I go through phases of buying one and using it all and then going back to the other once its wasted and so on....the circle of love(ing mascara ha) neither clump,break the lashes, irritate the eyes, or are hard to remove (baby oil ;)) I love them especially in the summer when mascaras are prone to dripping because of heat :D try them out there amazing, they seperate the lashes and make them so so long i'm often asked if my lashes are real.....guess I wont be needing Enormous lash after all ;) enjoy x

Sunday, March 21, 2010


this is a TAG going around YouTube bit I thought it would be fun to post in up here :D its the 20 Questions tag and i'm tagging you now to do it :)

Here are the questions:
1.Thing you cannot leave the house without.....phone
2.Favorite brand of makeup....Benefit
3.Favorite Flowers....Lillies
4.Fav clothing stores....Zara, Awear,La Senza etc
5.Fav perfume...hmmmat the mo its "Love etc." by body shop :)
6.Heels or flats.....silly qustion heels heels heels even though i dont need em im 5.9'
7.Do you make good grades?.... yes
8.Fav colors....pink,purple
9.Do you drink energy drinks?....only borroca
10.Do you drink juice?....yes
11.Do you like swimming?....love it
12.Do you eat fries with a fork?....sometimes
13.Whats your fav moisturizer?.....Dear John (Benefit)
14.Do you want to get married later on in life?.....haven't really thought about it
15.Do you get mad easily?.....it takes alot 2 get me mad
16.Are you into ghost hunting?....nopes
17.Any phobias?....spiders,needles and scarecrows
18.Do you bite your nails?...i used 2 but i get the 3 week manicure now so i cant :D
19.Have you ever had a near death experience?.....nopes
20.Do you drink coffee?.....god no it stinks

enjoy x

Monday, March 15, 2010

Get the Alice in Wonderland look :D

I'm loving the Alice in wonderland rage at the moment from photoshoots to make up, jewellery to fashion.....so I wanted to show you some of the stuff i've noticed on my sprees :D enjoy x

I'm loving the Swarovski Alice in Wonderland range its gorgeous i'm so tempted to splurge but I say I can give it a go myself :)

I'm also dying to get Urban Decays Alice in wonderlands book of shadows they've really out done themselves this time it comes with a beautiful pop up book and inside theres 16 vibrant shadows, 2 pencils and eye primer potion......I priced it the other day and it was only E35.00....bargain huh :)

Amanda Seyfriend did a photo shoot for Vogue Italia about 2 years ago and I'm finding that its only getting its recognition now I thought she would have been a lovely Alice :( Take a leap out of her book and check out more pics online to get the look :D

Or take a leap out of my book....you'll love this......want the queen of hearts look????be daring and dye your hair red haha I did a show for L'oreal and yes they died my hair red but it has brown underneath so its not that drastic :D

Give it a go you might surprise yourself...:D x

Eye spy with my little eye...its a Stye

I seriously can't believe this happened AGAIN!!!! I'm the queen of clean in a sence that I hate dirty things smoking,general dirt,not washing,greasy hair......the obvious things but I also hate things in relation to dirty things like hands sometimes or nose hair I also hate hate hate hate it when some one touches me with their hair the feeling is awful even if its clean.....I'm always sanitizing my hands,looking after my makeup (expiry dates and cleanliness) and contacts too....anything that touches me pretty much is clean......I woke up this morning with a puffy red eye so I went to the doctor this afternoon and said "Eye spy with my little eye...its a Stye" swearsies he did.....anyways I'm raging, how could this happen again in the space of 5 months this is my second, I think I got it figured out though.....I use eyeliner below my lash line not on my eye line coz I think its unnatural (I no i'm a freak) but I went to Mac the other day and went abit crazy and ended up getting a couple of stuff one of which is an eyeliner ('Teddy' dark brown try it its gorge :D) anyways I've been putting that on my eyeline so I'm pretty sure that it coz' thats what happened last time soooooooooo i've decided to talk about cleanliness and what I use to clean my brushes etc. :)

K so firstly... Contacts.....any users out there please always remember there is bacteria EVERYWHERE so please if not for yourselves then for baby jesus.....take care of your contacts.

Secondly Expiry dates or no expiry dates you should throw out any make up you don't use and any makeup you've had for around 6months to a year........shadows are fine but the likes of eyeliner,mascara,foundation etc.....once opened air gets trapped or it can go stale ewwww i know gross huh.

Thirdly and i'm pretty sure this is the final one.......always remember to clean your brushes......a good way of looking at it is like hair clean it with shampoo and luke warm water.....I always put conditioner in afters coz I like to think it gives them a glow haha and leave to dry somewhere warm like a hot press......(lay them on a towel ofcourse....germs lol) I personally use tea tree oil for mine but shampoo works too.

oh and don't forget that if your makeup gets messyso does your face from day to day so exfoliate :D enjoy x

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarah Hopes accessories :D

I started making my own accessories as a little girl and only took it up again recently my first attempt at a necklace was a success but the latch was abit of a batch job but I tried :) anyways I get most of my materials at Yellow Brick Road on Bachelors walk in Dublin you can also order online or go to Hickeys, I find even getting a cheap necklace at Pennys and taking it apart helps :D this is a pin I usually put on a jacket or bag that I made, the dangling bits at the end were an old bracelet that I took apart and I got the rest from YBR the necklace aswell was restrung and I got the materials from YBR and broke off the key from a bracelet :D enjoy x

Frills, Pales, Pinks, Layers.....Its spring 2010 baby :D

One major regret....

Over christmas I started to break out a little on my chin and I went online and seen suggestions for Cliniques 3 step skin care routine.....as naive as I am ofcourse I went and splashed out 90euro on this.....silly silly girl.........Firstly the toner completely stung my skin and dried it out (oh btw im skin type 2....combination, ive dry skin but an oily chin....dat rhymes :D) anyways I went back around a week and abit later and told the girl behind the counter that it was irritating my skin and she told me 2 dilute my toner which sort of worked but it still stung and the breakout got worse spreading to my cheeks under my nose and around my mouth and on my head.....I pride myself on healthy skin and this was just so scary soooo.....I went back again and asked if I should stop using it and said maybe this is happening because I take my makeup off with the cleanser (step 1) and she suggested a make up remover.......another 22euro shelled out....waste waste waste......again my skin got worse and worse so about 3 weeks ago I decided to go back to talk about a refund and she said to try a blemish stick.......25euro down the drain.....the whole in my pocket is getting bigger and need I remind you all that it was christmas AND i'm a student......so this made my skin peel and bleed and the spots didn't go away......this all happened over a 2month period, I stopped using it about 2 weeks ago and kept to a normal makeup remover and moisturizer routine....nothing fancy and already i've seen improvements, i've only a tiny breakout on my chin at the moment which is decreasing thanks to bio-oil. Finally I said enough is enough and packed up everything (except for the make up remover because it works) and went back to the counter asking for a full refund.....IF YOU BUY A PRODUCT AND IT LEAVES YOU WITH A REACTION YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A FULL REFUND ITS YOUR RIGHTS AS A CUSTOMER DON'T LET ANYONE ELSE TELL YOU YOUR NOT .........I got a call from an english representative after the counter contacted Clinique and told them my story....I should be getting a full refund in the post along with a questionaire sometime this week.....two more things I wanted to add....number 1 even my boyfriend noticed an improvement in his skin...he said whenever he was kissing me his skin would become irritated and dry and that stopped once I stopped using it and number 2 I was doing a show the other day and the make up artist told me this brand is designed for medeteranean (sorry cant spell) women and not for sensitive skinned irish girls such as myself......I don't want to discourage anyone from buying this product....the reason I got it in the first place is because I heard of so many positive raves about it....this is just my story and i'm here to say that if you are going to spend almost 150euro on a product like me and it doesn't work....bring it back no point keeping it if your not going to use it, enjoy x

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bio-Oil....Yay or Nay

I've had such a bad experience lately with my skin care i'll explain this another day but my parents have both told me to start using Bio-oil as it helps with acne scars....which yes ladies I suffer from...AND Milia....AND present acne......ugh the stress......anyways i've only been using it for 3days and already its helped to moisturize my skin so much I suffer from combination skin (dry.....with an oily chin....Yuck!!!) and my forehead and cheeks have become so much healthier, there not as dry and my skins so so soft....as for my spots i think i'm going to have to wait abit longer for results but I shall keep everyone updated :D Bio-oil is used for scars,stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin......I bought mine in Boots and it can be picked up at pretty much every local pharmacy near me......I put it on twice daily......:D enjoy x