Saturday, June 26, 2010

rant 101

My rant ironically is about being more positive....I am by far one of the most positive people you can come across....or so ive heard....

You know that book that was written called "the Secret" ????
well I haven't read it now but i've heard its about life's secret to happiness....well thats easy BE POSITIVE.....whenever anyone is down I always say "Think positive to be positive" now theres my secret use it as much as you can.....If your doing a task and you think to yourself "hmmmm nah I can't do it" then your right you won't because people never want to prove themselves wrong.....they always have to be right but if you say "Yes I can do this" then you will......

If your in a situation and you use this method and things go pear shaped simply think "this wasn't meant to be something better will come my way" this gives you positivity+confidence=success :D

They say if you want something really bad like a holiday, car, jacket....whatever than stick a picture of what you want somewhere where you will see it will walk by this everyday and think....."I'm gonna' get this" and so you will even if its just a word relating to what you want like.....jimmy choo or spain or even dog....than you shall get it :D

Positivity is free.....

If something negative happens to you automatically turn it into a positive theres always polar opposites to every situation where theres negativity theres positivity and if theres positivity theres negativity.....but in that situation choose positive.....always CHOOSE POSITIVE

I hope this is all sinking in.....Don't ever waste your money on silly books or seminars.....simply....THINK POSITIVE TO BE POSITIVE

surround yourself with positive poeple....negative people aren't worth it they'll bring you down!!

Be Positive poeple :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Firery Red Head

I modelled for a L'oreal Hair show back in April......I sat down in the chair to get my hair done that morning before the show that night and they said they would be dying it a redish brown and cutting it to my shoulders......I just want to remind everyone that I gave the go ahead....I said it was okay :).......

But seriously what a freakin' change from fairly long brown hair to this.....I loved the show (it was to promote this seasons new trends and I recieved a lovely goodie bag in the end too I think its worth 200euro so I was soooo happy about that....) it took so much time to adjust to the new hair I absolutely loved it at first but soon the colour didn't suit anything like make up or even some clothes the colour washed me out....and everywhere I looked I saw long hair all I wanted was long hair again.....You'd think to yourself "why didn't you just dye it??" its not that easy I had to wait awhile because I didn't want to damage my hair and also red is the hardest colour to maintain and to get rid of......:(....soon it looked so faded I had about 2 other colours coming through thats 4 colours in my hair lol

But now I love my hair I'm even thinking of extensions :D I firstly had to dye in dark brown and now I have afew highlights going through it......I finally have my confidence back :)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Chanel.....oop is this not allowed?

I am so obsessed with Chanel and this photo in paticular....look at these glooves they are so cute I want them so much (a girl can only dream) anyways I don't even know if i'm allowed to put this picture up here as I got it from the website but I said what the hell. I was holding back for so long on showing you all this but.......

Can someone actually fill me in on which websites are a no go???where can we all take pics from I don't wanna get in trouble.....but I will rick it for fashion hehehehe wb peeps :D

New Label...Waist Belts

The waist belt derived from the corset which was worn under clothing to give the illusion of a slimmer waist.....nowadays its personally one of my favourite accessories, and is worn over clothing :D

I think anyone can pull the waist belt off!!It's such a staple in my wardrobe I love em' you can find them anywhere I like to get mine in Penny's (Primark) for around 4euro what a bargain!!!

I think the waist belt never goes out of fashion you can see Audrey Hepburn wearing back in her day and many other style icons sporting the waist belt all year round :)

I've even dedicated a Label to Waist Belts's a healthy obsession I swear haha

Hope you enjoyed :)

Face of the day & mini outfit too

I wore a basic black cardigan with D&G top underneath and a skull scarf....I loooooove my skull scarves :)

Bare Minerals; Light,Warmth,Veil
MAC Style blusher

Rimmel liquid liner,Armani Mascara,MAC Teddy eyeliner,
Benefit Celebutant eyeshadows (on the inner corner and as a highlighter), Victoria Jackson and Bare Minerals Devotion (on the outer corner and crease)

Decleor lip balm

Hope you enjoyed :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't cut your Fringe

Mark Jacobs and Mulberry are pulling off some gorgeous fringe bags this season along with some lovely vests and even trousers....personally I love love love the bags there my fave!!
Hilary Duff is among the celebrities who love these fringe bags this season but I often find Mischa Barton sporting a fringe bag or two all year around along with the Hills Stephanie Pratt!.....Take a look at Hillary's shoes 2 :)
I love this pale suede Fringe bag as it steps away from the usual western brown leather bag....This can be found at River Island around 40euro (34.99 sterling)
How cute is it :D

Brunnetes have more fun

My hair was in bits after the blonde so hesitantly I went back to my roots and dyed it dark....I also needed a change after 4 years of bright hair I decided to go over to the dark side......

It was amazing.....I didn't have to worry about roots and my hair had such a lovely shine too.....My natural hair colour is a tiny bit lighter than the pics above too but no one could tell if I left it to long to re colour....The dark had a red tinge off it because of the blonde underneath but everyone complimented that :D so I was happy.....

That was until afew months later.....


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A whole lotta' face...

Another Face Of The Day Dolls I think i'm obsessed haha!!!
I had so much fun creating this look for you from putting the make up on to editing and posting the pics and I think there pretty self explanatory...I hope you enjoy!!
Any questions just ask :D

Blonde Baby

I've been colouring my hair ever since I was 16!!!I've always been so jealous of blondes so ofcourse thats the first colour I tried....The blonde was very dark at first but last year I modeled for the IHF(Irish hairdressing federation) and they really turned up the volume and dyed it blonde with loads of highlights!!!

I've always loved this colour on me however when u have naturally dark hair its hard to maintain and in the end my hair ended up looking like straw from to much peroxide so my hairdresser dyed it dark brown......


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st Award oh yeah baby

I want to thank the academy, my mam and dad, my beau you hun.....and......the beautiful Vicky (fashion and beauty fix) for giving me the lovely Cherry on top award :)

yaaaaaaay we did it we did it oh yeah yeah yeah

eeps i live for these things lol

Click on Vicky's name to view her lovely page :)

The rules of this award are...

1. Thank the person that gave this to you - Thanks again Vicky ;)
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog- one step ahead of ya!!

3. List 3 things you love about yourself
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to

3 Things about moi......

1.I'm studying Interior and Furniture Design. I'm in 3rd year in September can't wait....I'll also be doing a Make-up course this summer :) can't wait for that either so there will be more tips coming your way so watch this space :D

2.I'm a total health freak...I'd rather eat a yogurt or some fruit instead of some sweeties.....i'm obsessed with fish they are so good for your health......and I haven't had Mc Donalds in 4 years....yes 4 years....haha fast food grosses me out

3.I'm obsessed with Vampires...who isn't huh....Vampire Diaries,True Blood,Twilight I watch it all even the oldies I was TEAM BRAD long before TEAM EDWARD and alot of people even say my Beau looks like of my mates refers to him as my "Twilight Boyfriend" haha I don't see it much but sure hey i'm hardly gonna complain haha :D

I went on the best trip of my life 2 years ago....It was an art trip to new york....AMAZING I love the city....this is one of my favourite picture of me and 3 of my friends in front of grand central station its just so priceless.....I also got introduces to MAC on this trip in Macey's I'll never forget that either :P

These little beauties will receive this award too :)

I hope u ladies haven't aready recieved this award love ya's :)

Lash Attack

Hey lovies :)

I think the best thing about having a blog is the help and tips you can get off others :)
which is what i'l be needing today :D

As you all may know I absolutely swear by Dior Blackout or BAD Gal Lash mascara (both waterproof ofcourse) However the one thing that pains me is the fact that there are no lash primers for the extra length.....I always find that when I use a good bit of eyeliner on my top lid it makes my eye lashes look smaller....they just don't stand out as much so i've been looking for length lately.....which is where you lovely beauties come in :)

I need suggetions.....First I was thinking some Rapidlash or Enormous lash but I think a primer will do, even a duo Primer and Mascara....let me know dolls :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flower Power

I was wearing a blue vintage blouse today with a waist belt (what else ha), cut up and faded jeans, long stockings and black boots paired with my Tifanny's necklace and random bangles :D

I hope you like the look and please gimme feadback on the whole presentation and pics :)

love ya's :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

sex and the outfits

My first outfit of the day :D I know I already have a My Style Label but i've decided to re-jig that abit so it won't be as full length :)
We all got dressed up hence the dress ;)

I went, I saw, I conquered :P
My Mam, Myself and my two sisters went last night to go see Sex and the City 2 and can I just start by saying WOW!!!
We got tickets to the VIP which included some vino and popcorn and lovely leather recliner seats :D it was all Sex and the City themed too......There was a private bar serving drink and beverages (posh or what).....I must admit a lot of women got drunk (don't judge were Irish its what we do) one woman got up in the middle of the film and it seemed like she was looking for the toilet but she went through the fire escape and kept walking...well stumbling haha.....and they were rowdy too haha but they were a hoot all apart of the fun I say :D

The fashion was incredible!!!

There was only one dress I wasn't keen on (when she was leaving her old apart. for her date with Big.....That dress ugh!!!!......oh and did you see Samantha's YSL earrings??? AMAZING!!!! lol if anyone can sent me a link to a pick of them i'd love that i've been trying to get a hold of a pick all night with no success :(

I recommend all fashion fanatics to go see the film it was brilliant......

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My B-B-Benefit Face

This is my first official Face Of The Day :D and I'm sooooo excited that I decided to do it on Benefit.....I need to feed my obsession once in awhile :) I really do hope you like it :)

I wanted to show some close ups of my eyes in particular, I always like them to be the main focus on my face....

This is every benefit product I used.....I've tried alot of their other products including their foundations but they weren't for me these are my fav few I had to leave out alot but i'll definatly do another Benefit FOTD :D if you can't make out the list of what I used in the pic please let me know and i'll repost a list :D......and yes how could I not resist my 3 new additions ;) from Glamour :P

The only thing used that isn't benefit was the Bare Minerals foundation and Bronser :D I swear by the stuff :)


Vogue:July 2010, Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz wow's the cover of the July issue of Vogue and Golden girl she is in a lovely Sequined tweed jacket. It has to be said she works the summer look and as always her eyes and glowing face are the centre point of the cover. I love Cameron so much I think shes such a lovely idol for women everywhere. She gives a lovely interview inside too, pick up a copy and read all about her you won't be let down.

I'm gonna start writing a "flick to this page" ending to my new Vogue section but i'm supplied by my Beau's mammy and there away so no can do this month sorry guys :(

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bright It Gal....I got em'

Yaaaaaaay I love my Mammy!!! As I was slobbering around my room all day eating popcorn and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's (which is even more fantastic the fifteanth million time you watch it :D) I asked her to pop down to the newsagents and get me 3 copies of Glamour mag...lucky thing she was out the door anyways to get her hair done and SHE GOT EM' eeps what a pet huh lol :D

She managed to find all 3 too so I've got IT stick, Eye bright and Bad Gal eeps eye bright and bad gal I already have in small as apart of the smokey eye pack but who could say no to more especially at such a low price huh :) me why are you sittin there readin this get out and get your copies before its to late ;)

PJ Day....with tea ofcourse

I'm in love with shape collage as you can see you should check it out its great :D

Anyways :) its half 2 in the day and i'm still in bed in my PJ's.....I love bed days.....with tea ofcourse and no better tea than organic.....after I posted my blog last night i cracked open the box and made my mam, sister and myself a lovely cup of detox organic tea....mmmmm it was scrumptious....I can't really describe the smell to well its sort of a flowery smell with berries very girlie :D I bought the pack in 'Health Matters' on Grafton Street they've tonnes of this stuff and it was only about 1.50 euro...bargain for 20 teabags huh :)

What are you all doing with you day I wanna know???
and any suggestions for a PJ and Bed day???

might throw in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' favourite :)

forgot to mention boyfriend hoodie day too ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Haul

Shopping shopping shopping....does it ever get better I feel brilliant today and its a mini haul too....crazy what a little bit of TLC can do 4 ya huh :)

What I bought:
something for the kisser......MAC,Viva Glam, GaGa
something for the winker......Bare Minerals, eyeshadow Devotion
something for the soul.......Organic Detox teabags :D (ive been trying to find these for yonkers)

Lippie sample on the right and shadow on the left:

All in all I spent roughly 36euro :) i'm super happy I did so so well on my budget....D pics at the top are the two products together and I'm back home already playing around with my makeup , mix and matching looks :D The lipstick I was very suprised about I never in my wildest dreams did I see myself buying a colour like that but I love it......would look brill with winged liner eeps :) x

yaaaaaaaay Shopping

I'm going shopping I'm going shopping :D I'm on a mission peoples on a budget here I go lol.....I'm tryin' to save my pennys so I'm gonna shop on a lovely budget today :D can't wait to show you what I get.......MAC and Benefit here I come :D