Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Best News and giveaway :D

Hi Everyone,

So I know it's been yonkers since i've posted but once I explain why you'll understand :D

So over the summer I've become a professional make up artist and have already started work at so much stuff such as: the Elite model search, Les Miserables, Photoshoots, special occasions etc, things have really kicked off for me it's been a blast :D

I've also set up my new blog...Sarah Hope Make-Up please follow and check it out, read yesterdays blog to find out how you can win my giveaway, if you live abroad there will be plenty more giveaways to come so keep your eyes peeled :D

Please support me and my new blog I want to share my new world and love with you lovely bloggers :D



  1. That's amazing! I'll go check out your new blog! =D

  2. Wow! That's amazing! Heading over to your new blog now! xoxo