Saturday, July 17, 2010

Okay Okay I know

I know neglect is a killer but i've been so so busy with my make up course I graduated 2 weeks ago and am starting a more extensive on this monday for special effects, film, tv so exciting and then for the past two weeks and counting i've also been on an internship :D

I am one lucky girl to have all of these wonderful opportunities this summer :)

So to apologies for the Blog neglect I've put together a little haul and review....;)
First of all I finally bought an Epilator :) great results so far however I am currently sporting one hairy leg and one not so hairy leg....the pain is to much :( but worth it i spose!!!
I'm also expanding my kit more for work so I bought some basics......
MAC Brule, MAC Kid and MAC Charoal brown.....Matt and basic and very popular :D love em...

I've so many more posts to put up i'm excited to show you guys what i've been getting up to :D


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