Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Change those winter trousers to summer loungers

This was such a last minute thing I created this morning I jumped up out of bed and scanned the clear blue Irish sky and darted for the sun creme and shades but I remembered I actually don't own a pair of summer shorts sooooooo :) no better way to sort this problem out than to make a pair......I used an old pair of jeans any will do, I never wore these so they were perfect :D I folded the jeans in half from one leg to the other to make sure both leg lengths were even once I started to cut. I cut the leg about 2 inches below the start of the zipper so I could trim and examine the shorts once I put them on. I once I found the right length I then flipped both sides up for the good oul Daisy Duke look and to make sure they didn't look freshly cut and voila :D easy peasy :D
My final suggestion is to never try this with skinny jeans as ul sweat something terrible out in the sun :D I topped of my look with a simple necklace, shades and a white tank top :)

p.s. yes i know i'm pale i'm pale.....but I work it right.....RIGHT?????? hahaha
enjoy x

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