Sunday, May 30, 2010

Down Dress with no Stress

I find myself many times as i'm sure alot of you do too looking into my wardrobe thinking....."yep i've NOTHING to wear" i've said it too don't you worry. Instead of rushing out to your nearest shopping centre and buying a dress you know will end up only being worn once or twice i've found out how to play with clothes and create new looks. Last night I was in one of those situations. I knew I wasn't going to be in the mood to go out without the perfect outfit. It was casual drinks with the girls so opposed to grabbing skinny jeans and heels or a cashual dress I just thought was okay I thought about trying on one of my more flashy dresses. I found this purple one which you can't see in the picture but its pretty short and the fabric is quite light too so I decided to down dress it.....simple :D I added a black and grey cardigan to make the dress pop and to not show as much skin, a black waist belt with little sequence and layered necklace. I left out any huge earrings and clumpy rings for a more casual look and wore simple but high black heels.....oh and my Pandora of course can't be forgetting that. The whole look just worked so well and it took me two minutes to put together I felt so comfortable the whole night and didn't look to over dressed.......Success :D

Give it a go yourself I'd advise this type of look for girly night, family get togethers, definetly date nights, maybe using brighter colours and simple jewellery....maybe with a floral dress mmmm....IDEAS :D eeps


  1. hey great post, and thanks so much for the follow :) really appreciate it. Your template for your blog is so pretty aswell, ive been trying to give mine a makeover 2day but cant really find any good sites with free temps on, do you know of any please?
    c.b thanks x

  2. cute! love it :)