Saturday, June 26, 2010

rant 101

My rant ironically is about being more positive....I am by far one of the most positive people you can come across....or so ive heard....

You know that book that was written called "the Secret" ????
well I haven't read it now but i've heard its about life's secret to happiness....well thats easy BE POSITIVE.....whenever anyone is down I always say "Think positive to be positive" now theres my secret use it as much as you can.....If your doing a task and you think to yourself "hmmmm nah I can't do it" then your right you won't because people never want to prove themselves wrong.....they always have to be right but if you say "Yes I can do this" then you will......

If your in a situation and you use this method and things go pear shaped simply think "this wasn't meant to be something better will come my way" this gives you positivity+confidence=success :D

They say if you want something really bad like a holiday, car, jacket....whatever than stick a picture of what you want somewhere where you will see it will walk by this everyday and think....."I'm gonna' get this" and so you will even if its just a word relating to what you want like.....jimmy choo or spain or even dog....than you shall get it :D

Positivity is free.....

If something negative happens to you automatically turn it into a positive theres always polar opposites to every situation where theres negativity theres positivity and if theres positivity theres negativity.....but in that situation choose positive.....always CHOOSE POSITIVE

I hope this is all sinking in.....Don't ever waste your money on silly books or seminars.....simply....THINK POSITIVE TO BE POSITIVE

surround yourself with positive poeple....negative people aren't worth it they'll bring you down!!

Be Positive poeple :D


  1. yesss, positive is always good! i try to be positive, i think i nearly always succeed :P definitely makes me feel better about things :)
    Olivia x

  2. great post, i agree!!

    you've been tagged!

  3. I have to agree with you Sarah, I definitely believe in positive thinking! It works!

  4. i just found your blog, its lovely, nice layout too.
    I totally agree with what you're saying, i find myself being a bit too negative sometimes and just have to learn to snap out of it x