Thursday, February 25, 2010

attention:those who find it hard to remove eye make up/waterproof mascara :D

I lways use waterproof mascara no matter which brand im trying and sometimes it is especially hard to take it off at nite and I end up scraping at my lashes with my nails until.......I discovered the secret ingredient in all eye make up removers some that hav helped some that hav not and thats ois....greasy oil :D for the past 6 months i've been taking my eye make up off with johnsons baby oil and its brilliant I love it its soft against my eyes and takes everything off so im not left with panda eyes in the morning :D heres whar you need.....:

1. Baby oil (ive heard that olive oil will work too)

2. 2 cotton pads

3. luke warm face cloth

okay so you've probably realised that yes you put the baby oil on the cotton pad and place it over your eye....simples :D just remember to be patient and leave it in one position, never pub it around otherwise your eye area will get irritated from the pad. Simply place it on your eye, I usually wait 3 mins on each eye then slide the pad down and wipe the mascara off in one swipe of the pad....also when u wipe it off below your eye always wipe towards your tear duct and never to the outer corner of your eye again irritation can occur as the outer corner is more sensitive. this part is advisable but optional....get your luke warm face cloth and dab both eyes and leave 2 dry or bad again with a dry cloth.....never EVER drag a cloth across your face its so so bad for your skin. make sure the baby oil does not get into your eyes again just by spacing it on the eye and not being rough it wont get in the eye....believe me i've had this problem before. and make sure you just apply to eyes and not the whole face. hey presto :D i've also tried vaseline on my eyes and so has my mam for removing makeup its pretty much the same procedure except with vaseline instead of oil however personally it was to thick i preferred the oil :D enjoy x

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