Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enourmous Lash.....shall I lash out the cash or not???

Enormous Lash is priced in the States as $95.00 that on top of shipment is $120.00......if any of you arent familiar with this product it is a lash enhancing liquid that you apply to the upper and lower (optional) lash line like a liquid liner, twice daily.....and when I say daily I mean religiously try not to miss a day. Anyways, after 3-4months majority of customers have said they've noticed a huge difference with there lashes apparently they have grown and are thicker too. I've read the testimonials and had a look at the before and after pictures however I have also heard that it can be very irritation for it worth forking out up to $100 for????i wanna hear your views and tell me if you've tried anything else too similar to this brand. for more info go to enjoy x

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