Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girl Aloud Lashes: Nadine Coyle

I've always been a fan of lashes but have never been able to find the perfect pair, even after having lashes fit and trimmed at photo shoots and being told i can reuse them myself they never look brilliant just okay.......I bought Cheryl Coles lashes from the girls aloud range afew months ago and after putting them on I got told i looked constantly shocked they came up to my eyebrows too which looked sooooo unnatural and they were way to thick.....then awhile go I bought the Nadine Coyle lashes from the same range and only recently decided to give them a go..........heres what I thought


They were light

They looked so natural

Everyone thought they were my own lashes (I have fairly long lashes anyways but not this full and thick so I was delighted :D)

They stayed on for ages and never seemed to move

Extremely easy to apply

Meshed well with my own lashes

Suited my face and eye shape

There reusable (I cleaned mine with baby oil and took them off with baby oil...never peel or rip off)


Even though on the box it says contact friendly they sort of made my eyes mist up at the start nothing to worry about but for the first 2 minutes I had blurred vision I think it was my lids adjusting lol but other than that they were great with contacts and the glue didn't get into my eyes.

At such an affordable price I really recommend Nadines lashes, Ive always admired hers and am so happy she brought out her own eyelash range. You can pick up the girls aloud range of lashes in a local pharmacy i'm pretty sure Claire's accessories sells them too :D enjoy x

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