Monday, March 15, 2010

Get the Alice in Wonderland look :D

I'm loving the Alice in wonderland rage at the moment from photoshoots to make up, jewellery to I wanted to show you some of the stuff i've noticed on my sprees :D enjoy x

I'm loving the Swarovski Alice in Wonderland range its gorgeous i'm so tempted to splurge but I say I can give it a go myself :)

I'm also dying to get Urban Decays Alice in wonderlands book of shadows they've really out done themselves this time it comes with a beautiful pop up book and inside theres 16 vibrant shadows, 2 pencils and eye primer potion......I priced it the other day and it was only E35.00....bargain huh :)

Amanda Seyfriend did a photo shoot for Vogue Italia about 2 years ago and I'm finding that its only getting its recognition now I thought she would have been a lovely Alice :( Take a leap out of her book and check out more pics online to get the look :D

Or take a leap out of my'll love this......want the queen of hearts look????be daring and dye your hair red haha I did a show for L'oreal and yes they died my hair red but it has brown underneath so its not that drastic :D

Give it a go you might surprise yourself...:D x

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