Monday, March 15, 2010

Eye spy with my little eye...its a Stye

I seriously can't believe this happened AGAIN!!!! I'm the queen of clean in a sence that I hate dirty things smoking,general dirt,not washing,greasy hair......the obvious things but I also hate things in relation to dirty things like hands sometimes or nose hair I also hate hate hate hate it when some one touches me with their hair the feeling is awful even if its clean.....I'm always sanitizing my hands,looking after my makeup (expiry dates and cleanliness) and contacts too....anything that touches me pretty much is clean......I woke up this morning with a puffy red eye so I went to the doctor this afternoon and said "Eye spy with my little eye...its a Stye" swearsies he did.....anyways I'm raging, how could this happen again in the space of 5 months this is my second, I think I got it figured out though.....I use eyeliner below my lash line not on my eye line coz I think its unnatural (I no i'm a freak) but I went to Mac the other day and went abit crazy and ended up getting a couple of stuff one of which is an eyeliner ('Teddy' dark brown try it its gorge :D) anyways I've been putting that on my eyeline so I'm pretty sure that it coz' thats what happened last time soooooooooo i've decided to talk about cleanliness and what I use to clean my brushes etc. :)

K so firstly... Contacts.....any users out there please always remember there is bacteria EVERYWHERE so please if not for yourselves then for baby jesus.....take care of your contacts.

Secondly Expiry dates or no expiry dates you should throw out any make up you don't use and any makeup you've had for around 6months to a year........shadows are fine but the likes of eyeliner,mascara,foundation etc.....once opened air gets trapped or it can go stale ewwww i know gross huh.

Thirdly and i'm pretty sure this is the final one.......always remember to clean your brushes......a good way of looking at it is like hair clean it with shampoo and luke warm water.....I always put conditioner in afters coz I like to think it gives them a glow haha and leave to dry somewhere warm like a hot press......(lay them on a towel ofcourse....germs lol) I personally use tea tree oil for mine but shampoo works too.

oh and don't forget that if your makeup gets messyso does your face from day to day so exfoliate :D enjoy x

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