Tuesday, March 23, 2010

False Lashes....no...there real and I grow them myself!!!

I wanted to do a post about which mascaras I use but I thought I'd start by saying I only use waterproof as any non-waterproof mascara i've tried has always melted off my lashes by the end of the day....

If your not interested in waterproof look at my makeup removal routine to find out how I remove it at the end of the day :D

My 2 all time favourite mascaras in which I swear by are 'Diorshow Blackout waterproof' and 'Benefit Bad Gal waterproof" I don't think I can say which one I prefer I go through phases of buying one and using it all and then going back to the other once its wasted and so on....the circle of love(ing mascara ha) neither clump,break the lashes, irritate the eyes, or are hard to remove (baby oil ;)) I love them especially in the summer when mascaras are prone to dripping because of heat :D try them out there amazing, they seperate the lashes and make them so so long i'm often asked if my lashes are real.....guess I wont be needing Enormous lash after all ;) enjoy x

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