Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarah Hopes accessories :D

I started making my own accessories as a little girl and only took it up again recently my first attempt at a necklace was a success but the latch was abit of a batch job but I tried :) anyways I get most of my materials at Yellow Brick Road on Bachelors walk in Dublin you can also order online or go to Hickeys, I find even getting a cheap necklace at Pennys and taking it apart helps :D this is a pin I usually put on a jacket or bag that I made, the dangling bits at the end were an old bracelet that I took apart and I got the rest from YBR the necklace aswell was restrung and I got the materials from YBR and broke off the key from a bracelet :D enjoy x


  1. ooo I really like the pin. It's so cute!

  2. awwww thank you not ass nice as those cakes though they made me hungry haha x