Monday, March 8, 2010

One major regret....

Over christmas I started to break out a little on my chin and I went online and seen suggestions for Cliniques 3 step skin care naive as I am ofcourse I went and splashed out 90euro on this.....silly silly girl.........Firstly the toner completely stung my skin and dried it out (oh btw im skin type 2....combination, ive dry skin but an oily chin....dat rhymes :D) anyways I went back around a week and abit later and told the girl behind the counter that it was irritating my skin and she told me 2 dilute my toner which sort of worked but it still stung and the breakout got worse spreading to my cheeks under my nose and around my mouth and on my head.....I pride myself on healthy skin and this was just so scary soooo.....I went back again and asked if I should stop using it and said maybe this is happening because I take my makeup off with the cleanser (step 1) and she suggested a make up remover.......another 22euro shelled out....waste waste waste......again my skin got worse and worse so about 3 weeks ago I decided to go back to talk about a refund and she said to try a blemish stick.......25euro down the drain.....the whole in my pocket is getting bigger and need I remind you all that it was christmas AND i'm a this made my skin peel and bleed and the spots didn't go away......this all happened over a 2month period, I stopped using it about 2 weeks ago and kept to a normal makeup remover and moisturizer routine....nothing fancy and already i've seen improvements, i've only a tiny breakout on my chin at the moment which is decreasing thanks to bio-oil. Finally I said enough is enough and packed up everything (except for the make up remover because it works) and went back to the counter asking for a full refund.....IF YOU BUY A PRODUCT AND IT LEAVES YOU WITH A REACTION YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A FULL REFUND ITS YOUR RIGHTS AS A CUSTOMER DON'T LET ANYONE ELSE TELL YOU YOUR NOT .........I got a call from an english representative after the counter contacted Clinique and told them my story....I should be getting a full refund in the post along with a questionaire sometime this week.....two more things I wanted to add....number 1 even my boyfriend noticed an improvement in his skin...he said whenever he was kissing me his skin would become irritated and dry and that stopped once I stopped using it and number 2 I was doing a show the other day and the make up artist told me this brand is designed for medeteranean (sorry cant spell) women and not for sensitive skinned irish girls such as myself......I don't want to discourage anyone from buying this product....the reason I got it in the first place is because I heard of so many positive raves about it....this is just my story and i'm here to say that if you are going to spend almost 150euro on a product like me and it doesn't work....bring it back no point keeping it if your not going to use it, enjoy x

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