Sunday, June 6, 2010

Casual up-do

Loving my new invention haha.....I was going to a casual get together and didn't have time for a full curl or full straighten either.....this look literally took me 5 mins to put together, its so effortless....

First of all I left my hair to dry naturally including the fringe (didn't touch Mr.GHD)
Then i back combed the top
and pulled it back into a neat bun....
I then got the back of my comb and Grabbed afew small bunches of hair and curled them

Easy peasy Lemon Squeasy :D

top tip: its nice to curl some random strands at the back too :)......oh and try it with a pony tail too :)


  1. love this up-do its so cute yet sounds so simple x
    in reply to your comment on my blog :)-thank you sarah! im sure it would look great on you too :) why not try it out n let me know how it goes , i'd love to see! x
    sophie-lou x

  2. I will indeed need to stock up on some corals though :D x