Friday, June 11, 2010

PJ Day....with tea ofcourse

I'm in love with shape collage as you can see you should check it out its great :D

Anyways :) its half 2 in the day and i'm still in bed in my PJ's.....I love bed days.....with tea ofcourse and no better tea than organic.....after I posted my blog last night i cracked open the box and made my mam, sister and myself a lovely cup of detox organic tea....mmmmm it was scrumptious....I can't really describe the smell to well its sort of a flowery smell with berries very girlie :D I bought the pack in 'Health Matters' on Grafton Street they've tonnes of this stuff and it was only about 1.50 euro...bargain for 20 teabags huh :)

What are you all doing with you day I wanna know???
and any suggestions for a PJ and Bed day???

might throw in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' favourite :)

forgot to mention boyfriend hoodie day too ;)

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