Saturday, June 19, 2010

Firery Red Head

I modelled for a L'oreal Hair show back in April......I sat down in the chair to get my hair done that morning before the show that night and they said they would be dying it a redish brown and cutting it to my shoulders......I just want to remind everyone that I gave the go ahead....I said it was okay :).......

But seriously what a freakin' change from fairly long brown hair to this.....I loved the show (it was to promote this seasons new trends and I recieved a lovely goodie bag in the end too I think its worth 200euro so I was soooo happy about that....) it took so much time to adjust to the new hair I absolutely loved it at first but soon the colour didn't suit anything like make up or even some clothes the colour washed me out....and everywhere I looked I saw long hair all I wanted was long hair again.....You'd think to yourself "why didn't you just dye it??" its not that easy I had to wait awhile because I didn't want to damage my hair and also red is the hardest colour to maintain and to get rid of......:(....soon it looked so faded I had about 2 other colours coming through thats 4 colours in my hair lol

But now I love my hair I'm even thinking of extensions :D I firstly had to dye in dark brown and now I have afew highlights going through it......I finally have my confidence back :)



  1. you look stunning as a brunette & as a red head :) love both!

  2. thanks so much not very often do I get compliments for the red haha xoxo

  3. Oooo j'a-flippin-dore red hair, I mean florence welsh red! I'm so tempted to dye it but I don't have the juice :S looks amazing on you though! xx

  4. awwwww I think red is amazing, but it's good that you're getting back to where you want to be :)

    if I weren't asian I might try it haha x

  5. You look gorgeous with both colours!
    I don't think i'd have the guts to go a really bright colour though! xxx

  6. I think the red looks good! Very suiting for a fiery chica like yourself. I have long brownish red hair myself, I love long hair! I can imagine why you would want extensions. But really, you could pull anything off with a face like yours.


  7. i love red hair, and brunette! you look stunning with both:)

  8. hm, your hair look really nice! :)

  9. Your hair looks amazing either way. =) love yr blog