Saturday, June 12, 2010

My B-B-Benefit Face

This is my first official Face Of The Day :D and I'm sooooo excited that I decided to do it on Benefit.....I need to feed my obsession once in awhile :) I really do hope you like it :)

I wanted to show some close ups of my eyes in particular, I always like them to be the main focus on my face....

This is every benefit product I used.....I've tried alot of their other products including their foundations but they weren't for me these are my fav few I had to leave out alot but i'll definatly do another Benefit FOTD :D if you can't make out the list of what I used in the pic please let me know and i'll repost a list :D......and yes how could I not resist my 3 new additions ;) from Glamour :P

The only thing used that isn't benefit was the Bare Minerals foundation and Bronser :D I swear by the stuff :)



  1. Gorgeous look, very fresh and natural! You are beautiful xx

  2. You are such a sweetheart Lucie thank you so much :) xoxo

  3. Very pretty look! So fresh and natural. =]