Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Haul

Shopping shopping shopping....does it ever get better I feel brilliant today and its a mini haul too....crazy what a little bit of TLC can do 4 ya huh :)

What I bought:
something for the kisser......MAC,Viva Glam, GaGa
something for the winker......Bare Minerals, eyeshadow Devotion
something for the soul.......Organic Detox teabags :D (ive been trying to find these for yonkers)

Lippie sample on the right and shadow on the left:

All in all I spent roughly 36euro :) i'm super happy I did so so well on my budget....D pics at the top are the two products together and I'm back home already playing around with my makeup , mix and matching looks :D The lipstick I was very suprised about I never in my wildest dreams did I see myself buying a colour like that but I love it......would look brill with winged liner eeps :) x