Sunday, June 13, 2010

sex and the outfits

My first outfit of the day :D I know I already have a My Style Label but i've decided to re-jig that abit so it won't be as full length :)
We all got dressed up hence the dress ;)

I went, I saw, I conquered :P
My Mam, Myself and my two sisters went last night to go see Sex and the City 2 and can I just start by saying WOW!!!
We got tickets to the VIP which included some vino and popcorn and lovely leather recliner seats :D it was all Sex and the City themed too......There was a private bar serving drink and beverages (posh or what).....I must admit a lot of women got drunk (don't judge were Irish its what we do) one woman got up in the middle of the film and it seemed like she was looking for the toilet but she went through the fire escape and kept walking...well stumbling haha.....and they were rowdy too haha but they were a hoot all apart of the fun I say :D

The fashion was incredible!!!

There was only one dress I wasn't keen on (when she was leaving her old apart. for her date with Big.....That dress ugh!!!!......oh and did you see Samantha's YSL earrings??? AMAZING!!!! lol if anyone can sent me a link to a pick of them i'd love that i've been trying to get a hold of a pick all night with no success :(

I recommend all fashion fanatics to go see the film it was brilliant......


  1. I agree with you on what I call the "newspaper print dress" Ugh! Why is noone mentionning it? It was Hideous! I love everything else though. The shoes... gorgeous. The YSL earrings ha ha how could you not see them?! Great movie. :)

  2. Thats what its called :D "the newspaper print dress" so 90's ugh i haaaaaaated it lol xoxo