Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lash Attack

Hey lovies :)

I think the best thing about having a blog is the help and tips you can get off others :)
which is what i'l be needing today :D

As you all may know I absolutely swear by Dior Blackout or BAD Gal Lash mascara (both waterproof ofcourse) However the one thing that pains me is the fact that there are no lash primers for the extra length.....I always find that when I use a good bit of eyeliner on my top lid it makes my eye lashes look smaller....they just don't stand out as much so i've been looking for length lately.....which is where you lovely beauties come in :)

I need suggetions.....First I was thinking some Rapidlash or Enormous lash but I think a primer will do, even a duo Primer and Mascara....let me know dolls :D


  1. Hi! I know that L'oréal do a version of their lash boosting serum where you get a double ended product: on one end the serum (which is a similar product to Enormous lash) and on the other end a mascara. It's called Double Extension.

    There it is on the L'oréal website- sorry it's in French!


    I have only used the serum by iteself, and it's a very good product.

    Hope that helps! xx

  2. Thanks Lucie I hear thats rather cheap compared to the counter products i use might give it a whirl ill let you know thanks for the info :)